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The community where consciousness & business meet

Welcome home

This is your place if you are keen to continuously expand your consciousness, develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally, find your people and co-create a brighter future for all. Inside you find:

Curated, invite-only community

Our private, invite-only, online-community is hosted on, where everything takes place. Think of it as a private Meta for conscious humans, without privacy concerns.

Weekly Foundational Practices

We offer a range of practices that keep you grounded, connected and in the here and now. This includes weekly grounding meditations, guided (self-)enquiries, silence hours, breathing exercises and more.

Monthly guest speakers

Every month, you have the opportunity to meet and learn from true role models in creating and leading the desired change on earth through interactive workshops and talks.

Monthly enquiry containers

Through enquiry, we experience connection, insight, and growth on an individual and collective level. Have meaningful conversations with others, follow your seeking impulse, and go all-in on exploring the multidimensionality of (your) life.

Conscious mentorship

With the Water Element, you receive dedicated support from one of our 15+ experienced conscious mentors, who can help you take the next steps in your journey. You meet with your mentor monthly for 60-90 minutes.

Monthly awareness challenges

Every month, we run new awareness challenges that help you to put conscious awareness into action and develop healthy habits that support your authentic desires and the manifestation of your ideal life circumstances.

Co-creation & experimentation

We all have something very valuable to share. In our community, we offer you a space to authentically express and experiment with your gifts and talents.

Conscious Business Roundtables

humanplus is all about integrating conscious awareness into everyday life, and especially into the way we create, lead and experience business. Here we discuss and spar openly about challenges, opportunities and new possibilities using collective intelligence.

Intentional connections

We facilitate meaningful connections by matching you with the right people that can help and support you on your path.

Is this you?

  • You are a purpose-driven individual feeling the intuitive calling to embody higher ways of Being and Doing.

  • You are a curious soul who yearns to have deeper conversations about consciousness, wisdom, spirituality, and business with others.

  • You are an audacious change-maker keen to translate inspiration into practical, personal and systemic change for the benefit of all.

  • You are a sincere entrepreneur, creator, leader or inventor wanting to embody your full potential, keen to raise the planetary frequency with your impact and do so in a conscious, aligned way.

Become a member

Earth 🌎 $29/month
Digital, private community space (app & web)
Access to foundational practices only
Monthly awareness challenges
Air 💨 $69/month
Digital, private community space (app & web)
Access to all classes/events (foundational practices, guest speakers, enquiries etc.)
Monthly awareness challenges
Water 💧$249/month
Digital, private community space (app & web)
Access to all classes/events (foundational practices, guest speakers, enquiries etc.)
Monthly awareness challenges
1:1 Mentorship (monthly)
24-hour virtual retreat (monthly)

"humanplus is a safe space for me to accept, learn and enjoy being the deep soul I am."
Sofia, Founding Member

The process

We are an open community welcoming every curious soul who
strives to advance their spiritual development and co-create the new world together.
However, as we are dedicated to creating the best possible environment for growth and expansion for our members, we work on a referral/application-only basis. The process is as follows:

📝 Submit your application online (google form)

☎️ Invitation for a short 15-minute zoom call

💬 Friendly chat to discuss your options and establish if we are a fit

🙏🏼 If it's a match, we start the onboarding process

Zero Risk Gurantee

We want you to have an easy way to experience the growth and connections available in this community and therefore offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not like it – no questions asked. 😉

Be here now.

Let's co-create the more beautiful world we know is possible.

Or join us as a guest for one of our upcoming events to see if this is for you.

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